Il primo tracker subacqueo indossabile.

Archivia e condividi le tue avventure subacquee

Una nuova esperienza Immersiva




Il sistema brizo

Brizo è un’offerta completa che consente al sub di vivere un’esperienza di immersione totalmente nuova.

Il Tracker

Brizo raccoglie i dati per registrare il posizionamento durante il percorso di immersione in 3D e per salvare i POI (Punti Di Interesse) durante l’attività di immersione.

brizo 3D dive path


Usa l’app per controllare BRIZO, visualizzare e condividere i dati raccolti.

brizo 3D dive path

Il Cloud

Consenti a BRIZO di memorizzare e condividere i tuoi dati di immersione.

Brizo is for everyone

Who are you?

Happy Diver

I enjoy diving just for the pleasure of gliding through spectacular sceneries, just to look at what's behind that rock, or to fullfill my eyes with the astonishing colours and shapes of marine life. Yet, I like to fix the memories of my paths with photos, notations and inspirations.


I enjoy diving as a tool to give my contribution to knowledge and conservation of marine environments and creatures. My observations tend to be more and more precise to be shared on dedicated media or with institutions and/or single specialists. The feedback that I receive is an incentive to continue in my commitment.


I enjoy diving to discover at any time something new, my camera always ready, to give an answer at any question like: what is that I saw? where did I see it?. Even a short dive for me is a journey that does not end when out of the water; it goes on my books, on my computer, searching for identifications, perfecting my maps, sharing my finds with friends.


I enjoy diving which is a fundamental part of my work, but my time is limited, and more limited is the time when I am underwater for my field research. I am inclined to use every tool and opportunity that can increase my ability to work underwater, and that does not require me to spend most of my time looking for funding.


Il parere degli esperti


Log diving and scientific data
Wear and turn it on before the dive
Shockproof - designed and made in Italy


3D dive position tracking
Relative and absolute positioning
Geographic Information System compliant


Share your 3D dive path
Download your friends' POI
Upload data on the BRIZO cloud

Our team

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