About us

BRIZO birthplace and main testing field is Sardinia (Italy) and in particular the island of Tavolara (Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo Marine Protected Area)

The company that developed BRIZO is Oengineering SRL located in Vicenza (Italy), the city of Palladio’s architecture, half an hour from Venice, a jewel on the sea!

Our team

A group of engineers, marine conservation specialists, product designers and start-uppers with a simple common vision:

innovate the way of diving while saving the ocean

Tommaso Occhipinti

company owner, managing director and business developer

Egidio Trainito

inspiring expert, scientific and leisure diving reference for the team

Davide Marzotto

project manager and business developer

Lorenzo Canton

marketing specialist, web and social media marketing manager

Simone Lunari

web developer, international sales manager